On Heyy, you can meet new people and connect with friends, but our app works best when everyone understands how to be respectful and is aware of how their behavior affects other community members.

In App Reporting

We’ve made reporting in the app easy and fast. Just click on the shield symbol when matching or once someone is on your friends list to report them. A list of reasons why you’re making the report will appear for you to select.

Do you need advice on using Heyy?

If you need advice on how best to use Heyy or need any help on using our app, then contact our trained team, who will be happy to support you. Sometimes social media can provoke difficult emotions – we’re here to help. Please contact Heyy support team at service@heyy.tv.

Are you concerned about someone else’s behavior?

If you’re concerned about something that you or someone close to you experienced on Heyy, please let us know. Our Community Guidelines cover things like bullying, nudity and fake profiles and we take action against users who break these rules. Please make a report to service@heyy.tv.

Are you or someone else in physical danger?

If something has happened on Heyy that puts a community member in immediate danger – such as threats of violence or suicide – report it to us and contact the police straight away. We prioritize emergency reports and work with the police and other relevant authorities to take action. Please make a report to service@heyy.tv.

Disclaimer These tips are not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the intended use of Heyy. For more details please visit our detailed Community Guidelines
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