Take control of your safety
These tips are our recommendations on the best way to use our app and keep yourself safe. But, be sure to also check out our Community Guidelines.
Always be yourself
When you sign up for Heyy, make sure you’re using accurate information about yourself, including your name, age and profile photo. Making new connections on our app works best when you’re honest.
Connections on Heyy
shouldstay on Heyy
While you may have made a new friend, we urge you not to provide any other community members with your personal information, phone number, social media profiles or location. We recommend that all your interactions with new connections stay in the app. Trust is important, but if someone asks you for these details, always be cautious.
Protect your financial information
Another user may try to persuade you that you should tell them your financial information, often as part of a scam or fraud. It is essential to your safety that under no circumstances you ever share your financial information with any other user of the Heyy app.
Only show your face
when oncamera
If someone doesn’t show their face, then the screen will be blurred until a face is detected, or you decide to unblur the other persons video feed. So make sure you always have your face visible and that you disconnect with any other users trying not to show theirs.
Be in a safe location
When using our app we urge you to always be in a safe and private location. If you’re in public, be sure not to show on camera any obvious landmarks, addresses, café names, etc. in order to prevent other users from knowing your exact location.
Be kind and respectful
To know what will make you a kind and respectful community member, we urge you to read our Community Guidelines. Please follow these guidelines so that we can all enjoy our community.
Let us help you
If you ever feel uncomfortable about another user’s behavior or if you just need advice, you can easily get in contact in the app or from our safety center. In the app you will see a shield symbol, here you can easily make a report without leaving the app.

make a report here.
Disclaimer These tips are not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the intended use of Heyy. For more details please visit our detailed Community Guidelines
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